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TRAPO Malaysia

TRAPO is the best car carpet solution to trap mud & dirt. It is also extremely easy to tap the dirts away and clean and guarantees no smell after installation. Car carpet with irritating smell is hazardous to your health and will penetrate into your air conditioning system. TRAPO no smell guarantee solves your problem. TRAPO contains a 7 mm reservoir to trap any form of liquid. This is extremely useful especially for grocery shopping and accident spillage onto the car carpet.

Therefore,TRAPO is a green product and is 100% recyclable into other valuable products. Being green is a huge part of TRAPO’s commitment towards the environment. Every piece of TRAPO contains Velcro at the back of the car carpet. This is useful to stick onto the original car floor board and prevents any slippage of carpet while driving.And also TRAPO promise our customer a 1 year warranty over our range of products based on manufacturing defect. We are confident that our product will meet your expectations.

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