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Butter & Olive College of Baking and Culinary Arts Malaysia

Butter & Olive College of Baking and Culinary Arts is a leading baking and culinary centre in Malaysia with exceptional reputation of producing outstanding chefs capable of satisfying even the most discerning taste buds.

Our aim and biggest mission is to train and produce a new generation of chefs capable of adapting to the latest trends and skills in pastry, baking and culinary.

Our syllabus is meticulously crafted and continuously updated in the hope of imbuing our students with self confidence that is fuelled with deep passion and enthusiasm upon graduating from our college. Students are being taught life skills, not merely academic skills.

What sets us apart from other local baking academies is that students enrolled in our college have the opportunity to complete a short course at a renowned university in Taiwan where they would be able to hone their skills and practical knowledge besides learning to create new recipes to satisfy the increasingly sophisticated demands of a fast-changing F&B industry that value creativity and innovation.

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