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Emall Adabi: Online Store Shopping Malaysia

Emall Adabi offer consumer to buy Adabi products whenever and wherever they are through online. Adabi’s quest to become an immortal brand leader has led to the company’s unwavering dedication in providing every consumer with the highest quality food products. You, our consumers, have always been on the top of our minds. We acknowledge the fact that brand awareness and brand recognition do not come from a product’s packaging. It is not about seeing what is written on the label but it is about what the consumers’ heart’s desire.

Adabi Consumer Industries Sdn Bhd’s continuous commitment in providing consumers with products of the highest quality is assured through strictest standards of requirements set on the processes and the quality of the material used. Therefore, all Adabi products are guaranteed 100% halal, hygienic, wholesome and healthy.

Emall Adabi

New products introductions are effectively supported by dynamic sales and marketing management teams and continuous mass media promotion of the Adabi brand. Today, Adabi’s brand awareness stands at par with other famous international food product brands sold in Malaysia. In recognition of this commitment to quality, Adabi has received numerous awards and accolades. In fact, Adabi products were the first to receive Halal certification from the Islamic Affairs Division of the Prime Minister’s Department. Among other awards received are Superbrand Status (Reader’s Digest Malaysia), International Food & Beverage Award (New Millenium Award – Paris) and Anugerah Kecemerlangan Industri (MITI) and Anugerah Produk Terpuji (Malaysian Institute of Food Technology). Today, ADABI has become a prominent household brand in the food manufacturing business. With the existing products of more than 100 types under 10 main categories – Powdered Spice Mix, Processed Paste, Flour Mix, Sauce, Canned Food and Beverage, Adabi will continuously strive to identify and develop products to cater households and market needs.

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