March 12, 2014 by Melaka, Seremban, Website Design

Metroliv Magazine Seremban, Kajang and Melaka

METROLIV is an advertising company exists to provide creative designs to customers aware of branding importance. We design, print and distribute advertisements in the form of an advertisement magazine, published once a month.

METROLIV started publication on 25th December 2007 and provided a potential resource for the media and advertising industry, and has helped numerous companies in promoting their business. At the same time, METROLIV has become the fastest growing free advertising magazine in the industry.

Today, METROLIV have established itself as a major player in the advertising industry in Seremban, as well as expanding it’s influence to Malacca recently, offering a new business opportunity and a fresh approach to the historical city and one of Malaysia’s most sought-after destination.

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