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Dr.Fitt | Exercise & Fitness Science Association of India

DR. FITT EFSAI which has been and will always be my most passionate project on the NCD’s, a global issue since many decades and India ranking among the top countries for its increasing morbidity and mortality and also a major cause of burden on the indian economy.

I hereby request the people republic of India to give their serious thought of concern on this global issue and genuinely incorporate exercise and fitness in the lifestyle to make ourselves and our country as “DR. FITT INDIA”.

Also, i strongly encourage all the desired delegates to determine their inner strength and passion for fitness to be a part of this rapidly growing fitness industry to – promote health, provide professional fitness training and to gain an extra edge over a global professional career as a “Exercise And Fitness Specialist” providing healthcare with skilled expertise for prevention and control of NCD’s thus gaining national recognition for a professional career path and improving the overall quality of life achieving “safe health for all” by “Prescribing Exercise As Medicine”.

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